The early days were fairly easy.

Flexxtrade GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2011 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wünsche Group.

After the company was set up, Flexxtrade initially focused on the core areas of fitness and outdoor mats, as well as goods from the racquet sports sector. The managing director, Udo Schmitz, was able to contribute his many years of experience in this field and make use of his contacts with key clients to the benefit of the new company.

Over the years that followed, there was constant growth which was ultimately achieved through the expansion of the company’s product portfolio, especially in the core areas of outdoor and fitness.


Since the company was first founded, there has been close collaboration with Trocellen, Europe's largest PE foam producer. In the last few years, a range of new, innovative products have been developed together.

All this has contributed towards the company’s success and rapid development over recent years. The Flexxtrade team is working hard to expand the company’s position on the market.