Quality assurance

Just good is not good enough for us.

You could say that we split hairs and are picky – we call it expertise and precision. Our employees for quality assurance are proud of their pin-sharp eye, for good reason. They have the extensive know-how one needs today to satisfy the growing demands of both customers and lawmakers in every respect. At the Wünsche Group, our own team of experts – from engineer to ecotrophologist – ensures defined standards and specifications are complied with. That each product which goes through our company lives up to the highest requirements as a matter of course.

As a result, our employees for quality assurance test, for instance, foodstuffs produced in foreign countries directly on-site – enabling us to guarantee a stable level of quality. In terms of technology, we have our own laboratories within the Wünsche Group in Germany and the Far East for product testing.

Other quality assurance services:

  • Monitoring purchasing processes
  • Implementation of inline and pre-shipment inspections
  • Development of supplier audits
  • Tests by in-house technicians and engineers
  • New product audits
  • Prototype production
  • Complaints management
  • Reporting and evaluation

What’s more, we utilise a worldwide network of laboratories well-practiced in working with one another. This allows us to be present in the direct vicinity of various production sites. We work with nearly all major, independent testing institutes in close cooperation.

Experts for quality assurance within the Wünsche Group are involved in the project from the very beginning – starting with product development. In this way, we can leverage their extensive experience to continually improve durability, the combination and the control of tolerances.

Quality assurance is our back-up for developing marketable and competitive products.