Product development

We are pioneers of new and exciting products.

We would just like to improve on the old or discover something completely new. Picking up on trends and adapting developments at an early stage - our experts at Flexxtrade are constantly on the ball. They travel all over the world, to trade fairs etc., and are proven experts in their field and community - both online and offline. On their travels, they constantly take the needs and strategies of our customers into account. What does our customer need? How is a product integrated into the customer's existing range of goods? What are the trends that a consumer product must pick up on? What about serviceability and safety? 

These and other questions are addressed by our engineers, designers and other experts during product development. When developing new products and enhancing existing ones, we give you honest, frank and occasionally challenging advice - our forward thinking has a positive effect on the success of our customers.

Other product development services:

  • Samples
  • Development of prototypes
  • Product specification requirements, legal and customer-specific requirements
  • Audits and testing methods

When it comes to product development, we rely on teamwork: we draw on experiences from the after-sales service, take on board innovative ideas from quality assurance and consider the requirements in terms of sustainability or social standards. If a new product idea is launched, we select the manufacturers that best fit our strategic profile. Here we commission the sample directly, check the quality and ensure compliance with all the requirements. This includes customer-specific and legal specification as well as social standards. 

Each year we launch numerous products on the market in collaboration with our customers. Our wide, long-standing and proven network of reliable manufacturers from around the world gives us the necessary speed and flexibility to cope with this enormous workload. 

We are constantly on the lookout for trends and ideas.

We are constantly on the lookout for trends and ideas.